Hello Camera Lovers!

Welcome to camera-stop.  If this is your first post, edit or delete it, then start blogging!

We all love taking photos with our cell phones and quickly sharing with our friends on social media.  My flickr app immediately uploads each photo to my photo stream on the cloud.  Very cool!

But when I need better quality pics, I go for a dedicated camera with  higher MP’s and other qualities that even my Samsung Galaxy S4 can’t match.  Having a real view-finder is nice when you’re taking photos with the sun behind you.

Very popular DSLR cameras are lined up on camera shops ready for the picking, especially around the holidays.  You can check our prices to compare with other shops and search for special sales with various merchants.

The competition between dedicated cameras and mobile cameras has most likely been a factor in lowering the prices of high quality cameras.  We believe you will enjoy the savings as you shop around camera-stop.

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